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Contact Lens Or Glasses: Healthier Choice?

Contact Lens Or Glasses: Healthier Choice? – BoldSky

Contact lenses or glasses are usually used by people who have power in their eyes. Most people are glad to get rid of their glasses for purely cosmetic reasons. It is irritating to have a glass in front of your eyes 24×7. But the choice between contact lenses or glasses is much more than a superficial decision.
Some people believe that glasses are healthy and contact lens are not. Others are of the opinion that contact lens have their share of benefits as well. Contact lenses were basically developed for making you look goo. But they do have a set of advantages from the perspective of your vision too. However, most doctors recommend glasses because lenses make your eyes dry.
So, the decision of whether to wear contact lens or glasses is evenly balanced. Let us check out some points that help you make up your mind.
Contact Lens Arrest The Eye PowerIt is true that contact lens can arrest the power of your eyes. This is because it sticks to your eyeball and covers vision from all angles. Glasses are healthy but not the better than lens for preventing the power of your eyes from increasing.
Glasses Protect Eyes From Direct LightWe all have to work on the computer screen constantly. So glasses stand between the bright screen and your eyes. And with an anti-glare coating, glasses protect your eyes much better than lens.
Dry EyesContact lens do not allow oxygen to enter your eyes. They stick to the eyes and make it dry. You might develop a problem of red, dry and itchy eyes if you wear contact lens for a long time.
All Round VisionGlasses correct your vision, but you cannot see all around you with your glasses. When you wear contact lens, you can get 360 degrees of vision.
Better For TravellingIt is difficult to say which is better for travelling, contact lens or glasses. Glasses get wet in the rain or foggy sometimes. Lens are better in term of physical standing. But if you are riding a bike then contact lens might get dislodged or dust might enter your eyes. And even if rain water enters your eyes while wearing lens, it will cloud your vision.
So the choice between contact lens or glasses is a tough one. Actually a combination of both would make your vision perfect. So which do you prefer to wear, contact lens or glasses?

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