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There are literally thousands of different lenses to choose from. Let the eye experts at Eye Etiquette find the best fit for your prescription and life style needs. We offer the latest in lens technology whether it is the newest in custom design progressives, computer/task specific lenses or the thinnest material in single vision prescription lenses. Our customer’s vision is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves in helping you select the perfect lens for your lifestyle and vision needs. We currently carry the following brand name prescription lenses:

Reading Glasses

Do you suffer from headaches, eye strain and/or fatigue when you are reading? Reading glasses may alleviate your pain. To protect your eye health and keep your eyes performing at their best when you read, be aware of any changes and schedule an eye exam to see if you need any adjustments. Even if you already wear progressive lenses, an extra pair of reading glasses may help your reading comfort when in bed.

Computer Lenses

These lenses are also called Task Lenses based on the fact that most of us don’t just use a computer, and may switch back and forth between our computer, tablet, and smart phone. These lenses are also used for other non-computer related activities. Based on your personal device use profile, measurements, and prescription a custom lens is created for you that will provide extra power to support eye focus efforts required for digital use. If you spend a lot of time on computers or hand-held electronic devices, there are benefits from wearing prescription glasses exclusively for this use.

Progressive Lenses

Custom made to your exact prescription and facial features, progressive lenses provide clear vision for reading, intermediate, and distance vision – all in one lens. Our optical team is up to date with the latest lenses and technologies and will find the perfect fit progressive lens for your lifestyle and budget.

Sport & Safety Eyeglasses

For special workplace safety or active eyewear needs, Eye Etiquette Optical also carries a full range of safety glasses and sport glasses, prescription swim goggles and prescription dive masks.

Stellest Lenses (for children)

Essilor® Stellest™ lenses have been researched and engineered to control the progression of myopia (close objects can be seen clearly, but objects farther away are blurred) while being comfortable and easily adaptable for children. The earlier myopia progression is controlled, the less impact it will have on your child’s eyesight as they age. Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average (compared to single-vision lenses) when worn 12 hours a day. To find out if Stellest lenses are suitable for your child, please book an appointment with Eye Etiquette.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Eye Etiquette Optical Boutique, we guarantee your satisfaction. We stock only brand name products that are recognized world-wide. Our goal is to surpass your expectations. Frame warranties are 12 months depending on the manufacturer and lenses up to 24 months depending on coatings. We will repair or replace, if necessary, any lenses or frames that are defective due to the manufacturing process.

Eyewear adaptation: 60 days for single vision; 90 days for progressives. If your prescription somehow changes in the next two months, we will replace your ophthalmic lenses with lenses of the same value. Please note that the prescription must be valid at the time of purchase for this guarantee to be honoured.

Check out our Specials page for news about recent frame fashion arrivals, special offers and more.