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Colouring Easter Activity

Glasses BunnyOur bunny needs a new pair of glasses and we’d love help designing them! Come to any Eye Etiquette locations, either at Belmont Market or Millstream Village, pick up an entry colouring sheet for your kids, or click this link and print out a bunny. Bring us your bunnies’ new look before March 27 and be entered to win a prize Easter Basket!

Don’t forget to write the artist’s name, number, and/or email on the back of their masterpiece so we can let you know if you’ve won our Easter Basket!

The benefits of colouring

Colouring isn’t just a fun activity; it’s a way for kids to dive into the world of art and creativity. When kids pick up crayons, markers or paint brushes to fill in their colouring activities, they’re taking part in an activity that helps them learn and grow.

Artistic exploration can help kids develop hand-eye coordination. As kids focus on colouring within (or outside of) the lines, they’re sharpening their ability to match how they move their hands with what they see around them.

Colouring, like other creative activities, can also teach children how to solve problems creatively. They might think about how to make a picture more realistic or which colours represent their moods and feelings. This process can help kids think of solutions to problems, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

Completing a piece of art, like a colouring sheet, can also boost kids’ self-esteem. Kids can get a boost of confidence by being able to say, “I made this!”. That confidence can encourage them to take on new challenges and to believe in themselves.

Encouraging children to participate in artistic and creative activities doesn’t just keep them occupied. It helps them to develop essential skills that will benefit them as they mature. Art fosters growth, encourages self-expression, and opens up new worlds for kids.

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