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Contacts In Context – Daily Versus Monthly Contact Lenses

Prescription contact lenses are more comfortable, convenient and affordable than ever before. Technology advancements have created great options for both daily and monthly disposable contacts. If you’re thinking about transitioning to contact lenses, here are some differences to consider when deciding between daily and monthly disposable contact lenses.

⏰ Benefits of Daily Contacts

  • Less upkeep. Every day, you begin with a fresh pair of lenses. There is no need to worry about cleaning or disinfecting the previous day’s lenses.
  • Ease of use. Besides not needing to be cleaned, there’s no worry about storage if you’re using daily lenses for specific activities (e.g. sports, swimming). Once you’re done with daily lenses, you can simply discard them.
  • More comfortable. Daily lenses are thinner, which can allow more oxygen to reach the eye. The thin profile may also feel less noticeable on your eyes.

🗓️ Benefits of Monthly Contacts

  • More prescription availability. If you have a more complex prescription, monthly lenses may be a better choice for you. Daily lenses aren’t suitable for all vision correction, particularly if you require higher correction for conditions such as astigmatism or presbyopia.
  • Lower overall cost. Monthly lenses can be less expensive per month, depending how how often you wear your contact lenses. If you’re wearing daily lenses every day a month, the price per month could be higher than using monthly lenses. You will need to factor in the cost of contact lens cleaner if you’re using monthly lenses though.
  • Less waste. If you have concerns about waste, monthly lenses generate far less waste versus daily lenses.

Benefits of purchasing contact lenses from Eye Etiquette

When purchasing contacts from Eye Etiquette, you also receive the following benefits:

  • free lens replacement if you rip a lens (daily or monthly)
  • available home delivery
  • online ordering
  • follow up assessment

If you need help determining what contact lenses are best for you, please book an appointment at either one of our Eye Etiquette locations.

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