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Top 5 Tips for Fog-Free Lenses

Wearing glasses with a mask can add an extra layer of protection against COVID-19, however foggy lenses may be a side effect. Here are our top 5 tips on how to see clearly while masked up:

1. Soap and water

Wash your lenses with mild soapy water (like hand or dish soap) and shake off the excess liquid. Let your glasses air dry or gently wipe them off with a soft cloth (microfibre or cotton tea towels are best). The soap leaves behind a thin film that acts as a fog barrier.

2. Supfine Anti-fog-Microfibre Glasses Cloths

On the go and don’t have access to soap and water to defog your glasses? Grab one of our Supfine Anti-fog-microfibrer glasses cloths we sell in-store. They’re a customer favourite and are good for up to 300 wipes. Supfine Anti-fog-microfibrer glasses cloths provide an extra layer between water droplets from your breath and your lenses so they don’t fog up as much! They’re easy to use and convenient to leave in cars, purses, desks, etc.

3. Seal your mask with your glasses

If you can pull your mask up higher on your nose, you can use your glasses to seal it and shape it to your face. Pop your glasses on top of the mask that’s over your nose. Your glasses could help stop the warm air from escaping through the top of the mask onto your glasses.

4. Anti-fog lenses coating

The next time your order new lenses with us, include Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog coating. For additional lens protection, Shamir recommends combining Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog with one of Shamir’s advanced Glacier Plus™ coatings or Power Mirrors on the front surface of the lens.

5. Tape down the top of your mask

This tip works great if you don’t anticipate having to take a mask on and off. Use medical or sports tape or some surgeons have used bandaids regularly for years. Don’t use duct tape or other tapes that are not made to be used on skin. Test the tape you plan to use out first to make sure that it doesn’t cause a reaction. Try the thin skin on your inner arm as a nice discreet place to test out your tape strips.

Schedule an appointment online or call our Belmont or Millstream location to meet with one of our staff to pick up your Supfine Antifog-Microfibre-cloths or to chat about Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog coating.

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