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See and Be Seen This Halloween!

Are you and your family dressing up this year? Do you do family costumes? Come by and tell us! We’ll be giving away reflective stickers this month to help you and your family Be Seen this Halloween. Attach them to your trick or treat bag and add a flashing bike light to make sure drivers at night can see you and your family.

Two trick-or-treaters holding reflective stickers in our Millstream store

Stay spooky and safe this year by following our favourite tips from the American Optometric Association and don’t let Halloween mishaps haunt you!

Every year several hundred trips are made to the ER for eye-related injuries stemming from Halloween costumes, masks and makeup.

  • If you are going trick-or-treating at night, bring a flashlight so paths are clearly lit. Flashlights also make children more visible to drivers.
  • Ensure that any hats, scarves or ties are secure so that they will not impede children’s vision.
    Be careful when using decorative contact lenses. Contact lenses are medical devices and can cause vision loss if not used safely. If you are going to use such lenses, ensure that your optometrist fits and evaluates the contacts for you.
  • Use makeup with care. Be sure to use hypoallergenic makeup and avoid the eyes. Have wipes handy to clean your child’s face should it begin to melt or run down their face during the course of the evening. If using false eyelashes be sure to follow the instructions.

Want more eye safety tips for this Halloween season? Check out our blog post from last year.

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