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First Aid for Eye Injuries

Summer holidays mean lots of time for outdoor play and adventure. A unfortunate downside to that is the potential for your little ones getting more bumps and bruises than usual.

Minor eye injuries don’t always mean a trip to the doctor (but when in doubt, always err on the side of caution). One of the most common eye injuries is a foreign body in the eye: here’s how to treat it.

1. Advise your child not to rub their eye– this greatly increases the chance of scratching the delicate surface of the eye.

2. Next, check to see if the foreign body is visible on the white surface of the eye, and if so, have your child blink to try and remove the foreign body by washing it out with tears.

3. If unsuccessful, the foreign body may be removed by gentle flushing of the affected eye with saline or contact lens solution (not water).

If these steps are unsuccessful, or conditions worsen, cover the eye with a clean cotton pad and seek medical attention.  For more information and safety tips, check out the St. John’s Ambulance website

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