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New Varilux RoadPilot is here!

There is a new lens in town –  Varilux RoadPilot. Since reliable vision is crucial while driving a car, Essilor has created Varilux Road Pilot®, the first progressive lens specially designed for driving! Eye Etiquette is hosting an “On the Road” promo until Oct 31st! Get a pair at an amazing discount.

It allows for the correction of presbyopia and other visual deficiencies.

More importantly, wearing driving glasses provides a sense of security while behind the wheel.

Fitted with progressives or other lenses, test drivers went on racetracks to gauge the effect of wearing suitable driving glasses. These tests produced conclusive results: the drivers experienced a greater field of vision, increased detection capabilities and a better reaction time

The ergonomic design of Varilux RoadPilot is based on the observation of actual drivers’ visual needs whatever their car and provides them with three main benefits:

A clear panoramic view

Thanks to completely unobstructed peripheral vision, wearers experience natural eye movements when checking rear-view mirrors and can better anticipate lateral movements and action of other cars.

Easy access to the dashboard and all driving indicators

The intermediate vision zone covers the main portion of the lens, offering direct, natural access to all critical information: speedometer, navigation system and more.

Dynamic vision with no distortion

A small power variation is automatically added to the lenses to ensure functional near vision. This will optimize the fields of vision specific to driving and reduce distortions.

Eye Etiquette is hosting an “On the Road” promo until Oct 31st! Get a pair at an amazing discount.

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    1. Hello Jaime! Thanks for your question. The answer varies depending on your prescription. The best thing to do would be to get ahold of your prescription (or know where we could request your prescription from) and give us a call at our office at 250.474.1941. One of our team members would be happy to estimate a cost for you.

  1. I live in Simpsonville, SC 29680 and my peripheral vision has lessened with age. I have no idea why I am just hearing about these corrective lenses. Can you direct me to several eyeglass lens producers/lens providers? I usually go to America’s Best for regular, yearly vision exams and typically have my prescriptions filled with them, but I do not know if they can fill this type of prescription.
    Any help is appreciated!

    Susan Clark

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