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DIY At-Home Spa

Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with our 3 DIY Spa Secrets using ingredients you probably have in your fridge:

  1. To temporarily reduce puffiness and dark circles in your eyes try using cooled, cucumbers slices on your eyes. Cucumbers are abundant in antioxidants and silica which helps in slowly fading dark circles.
  2. Set the mood with scents. Feeling Stressed? Reach for aromas of bergamot, chamomile, rose, or frankincense. Need a pick-me-up? Citrus oils, ginger, vanilla, and rosemary are your friends!
  3. Cucumber slices are great for reducing swelling, but you can also use tea bags. Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory and will ease redness and puffiness. Steep in just-boiled water for a few minutes, cool in the fridge and then place one bag over each eye for 15 minutes.

👀  Want a longer lasting cool or maybe to sooth your peepers with some heat? Try our customer favourite: Thera Pearl Eye Mask

Chill it in the freezer or fridge or pop it into the microwave and give your eyes some TLC! This versatile superstar can help with migraines, allergies, sinus headaches and more! It can even help with blepharitis.

Come visit us in store and pick one up in store for yourself, or maybe a lucky valentine?

It’s February, show yourself some love with more DIY spa ideas on our Pinterest Board.

We’ve collected our favourite tips and tricks for you to pamper yourself from your peepers to your pinky toes. Discover how to make DIY bath bombs, reduce eye puffiness and our favourite – a lemongrass and chamomile foot scrub!

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