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Thera Pearls available at Eye Etiquette

Thera Pearl Eye Mask

Thera Pearl Eye Mask at Eye EtiquetteWe’ve had so many patients tell their friends to come and pick up their own THERA°PEARL eye mask  – which is always the best sign of a great product! This versatile mask can be warmed up and cooled down and helps reduce eye puffiness and relieve symptoms caused by: migraines, allergies, sinus headaches, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD and Blepharitis, dry eyes, reduces nasal congestion – even the sting out of a brow wax or help reduce swelling after a cosmetic procedure (in such a case, use the mask as directed by your doctor).  Place it over your eyes and sinuses, or slide it up to your forehead. Its pliable, face-hugging shape stays put without drips or leaks. Chill it in the freezer or fridge or pop it into the microwave and give your eyes some TLC!

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