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Dilem Frames

Dilem Frames

Spotlight on Dilem Frames

Have you ever wished you had two pairs of glasses, but don’t have the budget for two seperate frames? Dilem frames have you covered offering different temples that are easily interchangeable! When you buy a Dilem frame at Eye Etiquette you get to choose a FREE set of extra temples! Choose one fun and one functional or live loud with two separat pattern pieces! Dilem’s temples are hand-polished and made from XP2 – an ultra-resistant engineered polymer. These frames are designed for men, women and teenagers who are looking for a simply different frame.
Watch how easy it is for Carolin to change the temples on Dilem frames:

4 responses to “Dilem Frames

  1. I’m in Ottawa and I’m looking for an optician who dispenses Dilem frames. Do you still carry them?

    1. Hi Joslyn, thanks for reaching out. We no longer carry Dilem frames, nor do we know anyone who does. Your best option will be to call around opticians in Ottawa or contact Dilem through their website.

  2. Hi, I live in Eau Claire Wisconsin and looking for someone who carries your glasses in Eau Claire area or Minneapolis MN area. Thanks

    1. Hello Rosie,

      According to the Dilem website, there does not appear to be anywhere within 100km of Eau Claire or Minneapolis that carries Dilem frames.

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